Hands: Up until now, we have fulfilled clothing requests by boxing up carefully hand selected donations and delivering them. We are excited to now have the option for clients to shop (for free) Tuesdays from 930am-noon, Wednesdays 3pm-6pm, and Thursdays 9am – noon.  We are seeking a couple compassionate people to help clients find correct sizes and to sort and restock during these times. Please email us if you are interested!

Trucks/trailers and delivery people: If you would like to be added to the call list to help deliver beds and/or furniture please send us an email! We’ve had a constant flow of requests for beds since the Build-a-Bed event mid January 2018. Our goal was to deliver 50 beds and we have delivered more than 300 beds with a very small group of delivery people. Our new goal is to increase our number of volunteers so we can continue to deliver beds, as well as furniture, when needed. We have quick turnaround times when we get a bed request so we don’t have predetermined days and times for deliveries. The call list will give us the ability to quickly reach available volunteers when we are making deliveries on the fly. By being on the volunteer list you are under no obligation to volunteer every time we call you. We appreciate any help we can get!